Innovation For The Visually Impaired

SightPlus is a wearable headset that can be used to magnify close-up or far-away objects, change the contrast or apply custom filters to anything you are looking at. It is a hands-free, portable and easy-to-use for a large variety of tasks.




SightPlus combines the capabilities of a near-distance magnifier and long-distance telescope. It is designed for applications during stationary use such as reading, watching TV, recognising people's faces and a large variety of hobbies (from painting to playing music, crafts, theatre or sports events).

SightPlus is NOT designed to be a mobility aid and can NOT be used to walk around or to drive.

Check out the demo below

Well, the morning routine is certainly easier with the right technology to help you! I can now find the right make-up shades (which I acknowledge is a very girly complaint to have to begin with), and I can measure things out properly at breakfast time. I know of course...

Jade Warner, blog



SightPlus enables you to take control over how images are presented by manipulating the perceptual components of visual information. With SightPlus you can easily adjust colour, contrast, brightness and magnification settings.

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Cutting Edge


Thanks to the latest high-speed, high definition camera technology embedded in smartphones, SightPlus can capture everything you are looking at and send the live video stream instantly. The cutting-edge graphics processor enhances each pixel in the video and the rendered stream is displayed with no lag, resulting in a smooth viewing experience.

SightPlus is assembled from off-the-shelf components to reduce its cost and make it affordable.

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Using SightPlus could not be easier! SightPlus comes with an easy to use remote control that has just 4 buttons. You are only 10 minutes away from learning everything there is to know about using SightPlus.